Additional module “AI FORA CORONA+”

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the AI FORA consortium decided on an additional module to cover the crisis-related aspects within the project framework. This module is called “AI FOR A CORONA+: A Vulnerability Analysis of the COVID-19 crisis on AI-based social assessment for migrants’ welfare provision”.

Worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic, with its threat to health and life and the resulting economic lock-down, has increased the pressure on national welfare systems: millions of people have lost their jobs increasing the pressure on demand for social services; especially, vulnerable populations, such as migrant workers in precarious employment conditions.

Using the partnership formed for AI FORA this module compares the situation of special vulnerability of migrant workers in Germany with India and Spain, to explore what context-specific types of social empowerment and public policies would be required to alleviate the heightened pressures on social service provision and reduce long-term instabilities in these three countries.

Within this context, the module aims to pursue a fresh avenue concerning AI-based social assessment for social service provisions in welfare systems given the increasing pressure on technology development in data analytics, blockchain technology and AI for exploring methods to meet the flood of service applications.

In doing so, the module aims to meet such demands by employing context-specific data analytics, blockchain technology and AI-based skills-mapping in a responsible technology co-design framework: where migrant workers are socially empowered to render their views transformational in the process of making this technology going forward.